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Dotykový panel TruTOUCH IB

Dotykový panel TruTOUCH IB
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IB řada interaktivních plochých panelů

TRUTOUCHTM IB řada nabízí nástroje pro efektivní výuku ve školách i firmách

  • OPS Ready
  • 10 dotykových bodů
  • Vestavěná bezdrátová projekce

Take collaboration to the next level with a single impressive interactive display. TRUTOUCH lets you experience meetings and presentations on a touch screen that redefines clarity. With multi-Touch technology on a larger scale, TRUTOUCH displays allow multiple team members to work on the screen at once. Simply annotate on images, utilizes a basic whiteboard application and more without needing to download software to any of your own devices.

  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere no matter what device or system they use.
  • 1080p and Ultra-High Definition resolutions give your presentations quality clarity.
  • Backlit LED provides the sharpest and clearest image for you to show off your innovation.
  • No need to worry about losing a proprietary pen, just use your fingers.
  • Android system allows the display to be both on-network and safe for guests to use.
  • Comes in 55”, 65”, 70”, 80” and 84” screen sizes.

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