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Interaktivní pero Digital Pen

Interaktivní pero Digital Pen
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The digital pen is a USB HID standard pen digitizer that is independent and non-concurrent of the touch functionality. The
digital pen is included with the ActivPanel and offered as an accessory to the ActivBoard Touch.
Benefits include:

  • Differentiated from touch - Quickly switch between the digital pen and touch functionality to draw, move and scale. The digital pen offers the capability to assign different ink colors to students to track their work. Students can draw with touch and the teacher can erase with pen.
  • Premium design - Lightweight, curved ergonomic design feels natural in both the left and right hands.
  • Convenient storage - Pen pot holder attached to the ActivPanel or ActivBoard keeps the pen safe and extends battery life.
  • Hover capability - Within proximity of the surface, the pointer appears for improved performance and tooltips.